It’s May and I’m Reeling

Hello everyone!

I’ve been gone for almost a month now. The school term ended and immediately I launched myself into an unforgiving schedule of commissions which was, as you’ve probably guessed, a really bad idea. On the bright side, I finished a complicated commission and a huge present for someone that’s taken me about six months to complete, and I made a portfolio of my artwork (which I’m still updating) and a load of other stuff too. So my body broke itself down as a final ‘hey you please stop for one damn second’.

I feel a little better now, so we should be back on track for regularly scheduled stuffs.

It was very upsetting when I had to close my shop because of my job. I had to give up art because I was too busy sitting in a cube. Now (luckily? Unluckily?) I’m in between jobs so it’s my sworn goal to revamp the shop and actually make a semi living out of it.

The commission I worked on was this replica of an Umbra Rider Mount from DOTA 2, made entirely out of felt, polyfil, and a little paint. If you’ve seen the mount, you know the mane has this silvery-multicolored gradient to it which is impossible to get in a felt. I ended up using acrylic paint on the mane pieces. A friend suggested spray paint next time for a better gradient effect and I might do a test piece soon for that. This guys legs are movable and he can stand up on his own!

2016-05-17 17.18.47

I also fell in love with Audra Auclair’s art and started doing her #maywedrawdaily challenge. In a surprising turn of events I’ve actually drawn every single day, and in something like 20 days I’ve seen a vast improvement. She inspired me to start watercoloring, which is immensely frustrating but really enjoyable all at once. I accidentally drew a small cat in an astronaut helmet and now I think I’ve started a comic about a cat in space.

It’s a really crazy summer.

More to come soon.



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