Birthday Shenanigans

Last week was my birthday, and shoutout to my friends for making it the best birthday ever. There was a dog. There was Overwatch (which I accidentally fell in love with and is my first foray into FPS MMO. whoops). There was a geek pub we went to where I drank alcoholic butterbeer and consumed obscene amounts of delicious stew while playing Mario Party.

The two puppers I hung out with ❤

I follow Yoga-Girl on Instagram and recently she went on a ten day retreat into silence, alone, to reflect. She said it gave her time to dig deeper. Ten days seems like such a long time to be away from the world. But what’s ten days out of a year? Taking ten days to think, meditate, and understand yourself better seems like too little time, in the scheme of things. I’m considering doing that soon, but maybe on a shorter time frame since I’m still in classes and I can’t just vanish.

The chaos of last term left me longing for simpler things. Rain, walks, warm colors, knits. But I had so many projects that I’d abandoned or forgotten (one of my biggest faults is having way too many things to do and then dropping them all). I promised myself that I could only take a break once I’d finished these projects.

Which is a bad idea guys. Never forbid yourself from taking a break .

Even though it was really rough, it ended up being a great few weeks of productivity. I finished a commission and an enormous blanket project. I solved all sorts of questions I had about my own brand, my art, where I was going.

I compiled all of my crafts into a portfolio! I’ll be posting more about the process of crafts soon. Now I only have about 3-ish projects leftover from last year. I can’t even begin to say how much better this makes me feel. The process to getting better is so long (and involves way too many setbacks and doctors appointments), but its worth it. I’m in a better place than I was before.


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