Art and Other Things Like That

2016-06-06 14.41.19-2

I had a lot of plans over the summer, including that ten day retreat I was talking about last post.

Then stuff happened like me getting a cat, and me getting a job, and me accidentally realizing that I want to get better at art. Whoops.

I found out that it’s really, really soothing to watch artists on YouTube do art. So naturally I started bingewatching Audra Auclair (whose art style is the frickin bomb) and I’m not sure if the passion was already in me or if her passion oozed out of the screen and into me, but I started the MayWeDrawDaily challenge and surprise – I actually did it every day. And continued to do it. June is almost over now and there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t practiced. It’s unusual for me to stick to one project since my attention flickers a lot, but this stuck so I’m going with it.

2016-06-11 09.53.44

This is my favorite so far

Oh, and here’s a link to my Pinterest with the tutorials I’m learning from.

I started digital art, which is rough since I only have an ancient hand-me-down Wacom Graphire and GIMP (God help me) but I figure I have to get all the bad drawings out first before the good ones start happening. It’s just so exciting, being good at art and digital art opens up whole new avenues of creativity. Instead of just putting books together I can design an entire book layout AND put it together. I can do interior art too. One day I will emerge from my creative cocoon, a fully fledged and complete Maker machine. And hopefully it will make Christmas easier, since my tradition of knitting things takes up a lot of time.

Book Reviews: I will be getting back to those. I got off track. I might start doing reviews of random things. Art supplies. Water quality. The weather.

Bullet Journaling: I’m in the middle of lots of experiments in how I plan. Things are especially crazy since I’m about to move/starting jobs/new cat.