Blogblog 1: Life Update

I found a bit of piece eating some sausage and rice (bf’s special recipe) out of my cat bowl (note: not my cat’s bowl. My bowl that has cats on it). It’s noon and the blinds are closed because the sun makes the AC work too hard (it’s that hot and bright), so time’s been flowing weird today. I listened to a bunch of podcasts and cleaned, even though cleaning always seems to make my room messier until the final phase. Charlie has knocked several things off my desk in pure amusement.

New thing: my art got to a point where I bought an Intuos (for blessedly cheap) and I’ve started digital art. Clip Studio/Manga Studio is the absolute bombdiggity, even if I’m not quite there yet and the Intuos is stellar, especially for the price. You’ve got lots of room and flexibility and plenty of programmable buttons (at least for a newbie like me). It also comes in blue.

Growth In Death.jpg

First piece – Large doodle


Second piece – much better and cute plants too

I’m realizing now that I should watermark/sign my pieces, but these two aren’t good enough to merit it yet? File that under worry about later.

Other New Thing: I’m starting a youtube channel. That’s it: no plans yet, nothing other than my tiny self logo done. I’ll fill you guys in when I’ve uploaded stuff.

Other Other New Thing: I’m almost finished making my first quilt! It is very imperfect but also very pretty and I’m proud of it. Post on that to come once it’s finished.

Time to go Be Productive



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