Bullet Journaling and Habitica

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Last year I discovered the Bullet Journal system through Kara at Boho Berry. It changed my perspective about so many things for the better and did wonders for my productivity, but two months ago I abandoned the system. I’d just moved into a Leuchtturm (the holy grail of Bujo notebooks) and promptly panicked. It was so beautiful! So pure! How could I mar it with my bad handwriting and mistakes? In my mind, there was no way mine could ever look as good as I wanted. I stopped bullet journaling completely. My Leuchtturm was shoved to the back of my bookshelf and I felt a twinge of guilt every time it caught my eye.

This was a mistake, but I’m very glad I made it because it gave me new appreciation and perspective. Mistakes don’t mean as much as they used to. I also switched to a minimalist format much like Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine does. I feel much more comfortable in this style – there’s so much less pressure (even if I’m imagining the pressure on myself). And there’s a new addition to my planning family: Habitica.

In short, Habitica is an online task management system. It turns your To Dos into an RPG game: getting things done help you defeat bosses, level up, and win awesome treasures. It is the only task list app that I’ve been able to stick with because of how beautiful and interactive it is. I also integrate the GTD method of productivity and use Habitica to record every individual actionable step of the projects I’m working on.

The reason why I duel-wield these systems is because it allows me to be effective without being overwhelmed. If I present myself with an enormous, unorganized list of things I need to do, I’m much more likely to pick at the easiest few things rather than my priorities. Habitica lets me keep a running brain dump, track habits I want to create, and things I have to do daily. Every day I review my Habitica tasks and pick out the top 3-6 tasks that fit into my priority projects. These tasks are written into my bullet journal. In essence, it forces me to review every single day. I know that might not appeal to everyone, but I benefit enormously from it. It’s the perfect way to combine productivity and positivity.

I’d highly recommend this combo to anyone who struggles with motivation or who is overwhelmed by multiple projects. Do you have a combination of systems that works for you? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks again for straying to my corner of the internet 🙂